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Calls for exiled media network

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September 20, 2010: A Bhutanese journalist living in exile in New York says an international association needs to be formed to support those forced to flee their countries over freedom of expression issues. It’s hoped that a global network will strengthen individual campaigns for media freedom.

T.P Mishra’s parents fled Bhutan along with thousands of others when he was a young boy. He grew up in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal were he began his journalistic life training young journalists. Later Mishra became the editor of a newspaper and a news agency and an active member of a journalist association covering the issues facing the Bhutanese media both in exile and in Bhutan.

Last year he was resettled in the United States. I contacted Mishra, who regularly contributes to this site Media Helping Media, to find out what impact the move to New York has had on his work.
Q: Why were you exiled from Bhutan and how did you end up in refugee camps in Nepal?
Mishra: My parents were victims of Bhutan's ethnic cleansing policy when Southern Bhutanese were systematically forced to leave the country. They were forced to sign land sale documents and state that they were leaving of their own will. Most people left the country between 1991 and 1993. My parents were Bhutanese citizens with citizenship identity cards, land ownership documents and tax paid receipts. However Bhutan still categorically denies accepting them as Bhutanese citizens.

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